: Application Security – isec

Service Overview

The growing number of breaches caused by application vulnerabilities force organizations today to pay more attention to their development processes and the need to ensure security for all APIs used.

While the security landscape continues to evolve rapidly, organizations need to consider multiple risks, such as code injections, DDoS attacks, weak user access controls, misconfigurations and many more.

In this context, a strong application security strategy is key for understanding application security challenges and finding the most efficient paths to protect your organization from increasingly sophisticated attacks.

isec‘s technical experts are prepared to face all challenges related to your API’s security and help you build a strong security strategy for testing, securing and protecting your applications.

As part of our managed services, we will leverage dedicated tools and use automation capabilities to: 

  • Perform web security scanning;
  • Monitor cyber threat landscape and security incidents;
  • Perform penetration testing;
  • Protect your web assets from DoS/DDoS across network, transport and application layers;
  • Protect your web assets against the full spectrum of hacking and intrusion methods, such as malicious payloads, code and SQL injections, cross-site scripting, form manipulation, cookie and session poisoning, protocol exploits and more;

We deliver the resources, skills and processes to efficiently manage all API security threats, vulnerabilities and risks. 

Your organization will gain secured APIs and comprehensive reports designed for compliance purposes. 

  • Automate cyber threat identification and monitoring;
  • Ensure safety and security of sensitive and confidential information;
  • Boost customers and business partners’ confidence and trust ;