: DevSecOps – isec

Service Overview

DevOps adoption has led to the rapid evolution of enterprise computing by bringing agility and speed to the table, reducing costs and providing serverless computing, dynamic provisioning and effective payment models. The challenge is to ensure the secure delivery of code. This has led to a new approach that allows information security within DevOps, called DevSecOps.

isec has a suite of DevSecOps-ready tools and services to enable secure continuous delivery, integrated security testing and cloud native delivery pipelines. Our consultants specialize in assessment, implementation and support.

Security is an integral part of the development cycle from the beginning. We use the well-known shift left or security by design principle to encourage engineers to put security from the right (end) to the left (front) of the delivery cycle. In this way, components and configuration items in the stack are patched, securely configured and documented, and risks are managed.

Security education is mandatory for teams working in development and security projects – everyone should be familiar with app security concepts, OWASP top 10 and app security testing. Moreover, developers need to understand the basics of compliance checks, threat models, risks, exposures and implementation of security controls.

Clarity is power – by ensuring visibility and traceability in the DevSecOps process, the teams will gain a deeper insight and a more secure environment.

  • Rapid, cost-effective software delivery
  • Adaptive and repeatable process
  • Improved security
  • Improved vulnerability patching