: DPO as a Service – isec

Service Overview

Appointing a Data Protection Officer is mandatory for many organizations under the GDPR. Even where the GDPR does not specifically require the appointment of a DPO, it is considered a good practice and a way of demonstrating compliance.

Given the extent of knowledge and legal expertise required for the DPO role, many organizations may find it difficult to cover this role with internal resources.

The GDPR allows organizations to outsource the DPO role to an external provider. DPO as a Service (DPOaaS) is a practical and cost-effective solution for organizations that lack the necessary resources and expertise to comply with requirements under the GDPR.

With isec‘s DPOaaS you will get instant access to expert advice and guidance on data protection regulation that will help you address GDPR compliance while focusing on your core activities.

An outsourced DPO role can assure independence with no risk to generate conflict of interest with other business areas.

isec‘s DPO-as-a-Service includes , but is not limited to:

  • Contact point for data protection authorities;
  • Support for identification of personal data processing activities and data mapping;
  • Hands-on support with creating/maintaining data processing register as per Article 30;
  • Assistance with investigations or audits conducted by local authority, clients or business partners;
  • Assistance for managing data subject requests;
  • Assistance for managing data breaches;
  • Assistance with updating the data processing register and other GDPR related documents;
  • Assistance with internal audits necessary to reassess GDPR compliance;
  • Conducting DPIA to ensure data privacy by design (periodically or upon request);
  • Providing GDPR awareness and training for personnel involved in data processing operations;
  • Monitoring compliance with GDPR and providing guidance on compliance best practices;
  • Reporting to senior management to ensure corporate governance in accordance with GDPR.

The Data Protection Officer role will be covered by a contracted team of professionals, ready to execute the full range of duties involved, at full capacity, right from day one.

As part of our services, you will receive a complex set of deliverables which may include policies, procedures, workflows or instructions, specific forms, action plans, registers, assessment reports and opinions on different cases.

  • DPO role is covered by a team of privacy experts, rather than by a single employee;
  • Immediate access to data protection and security expertise, without any conflict of interests within your organization.
  • Saves costs in recruitment and internal training;
  • Extra layer of accountability and support for your organization;
  • Combine remote and on-site delivery of services, depending on your needs.