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Service Overview

Fraud and digital crime is on the rise. Media headlines are full of organizations that became victims of cyberattacks. Many organizations have to deal with litigations and dispute resolution, address the threat of cyber attacks and protect their value at the same time.

When an organization finds itself in a litigation that requires data investigation or discovery, it needs expert advice and assistance, from forensic imaging of devices to data analysis using emerging technologies.

Our team of professionals is committed to provide immediate response to our clients’ requests related to digital and cyber forensics investigations.

We can perform e-discovery and data analysis that will help your organization to identify, collect, recover and record electronic evidence in a fast and accurate manner.

If you are dealing with threats like fraud, internal or external theft, our team of forensics specialists will help you face these challenges and remediate arising issues.

Forensics Investigation Report – includes an executive summary (containing context and background information, investigation’s scope and limitations), detailed description of the findings, as well as conclusions and recommendations for remediation.

  • Our specialists use analytics and investigative technology to deliver efficient response times with knowledge of local regulations and applicable laws.
  • A forensics investigation will help you recover potentially lost information and secure your system properly.