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Service Overview

Governance, risk and compliance are the three main area that can help a business achieve its objectives in a faster and efficient manner. To do so, most organizations leverage spreadsheets, documents and email threads to manage their GRC initiatives, which in fact can prove to be inefficient, costly and error prone.

GRC platforms purpose is to reduce workload and costs, while instilling good practices into everyday business.


isec‘s team of professionals is ready to take over your GRC initiatives and to help you control and monitor all compliance requirements, risks and controls.

We have allied with the best GRC platform developers to provide an efficient method for unifying all your organization’s GRC processes within a single system.

As part of our managed services, we will leverage dedicated tools and use automation capabilities to: 

  • Manage and automate compliance and audit cycles;
  • Centralize policy distribution and tracking;
  • Identify, treat and monitor risks using a simplified management workflow;
  • Centralize, manage and monitor third-party risks;
  • Incident management;


We deliver the resources, skills and processes to efficiently  manage GRC processes in larger ecosystems within shorter timescales. 

Your organization will get intuitive reports, visualizations and insights regarding compliance gaps, audit results, risk treatment progress and incident responses.  

  • Reduce costs;
  • Improve leadership effectiveness across all aspects of governance;
  • Increased visibility into threats, vulnerabilities and risks;
  • Ongoing monitoring of compliance with required regulations and standards;
  • Risk reduction across the entire organization;
  • Safeguards against unfavorable audits, financial penalties and ligitagion;