: Privacy Management – isec

Service Overview

Any small or large organization is collecting and processing personal data, thus they may be facing data privacy challenges.  

The negative impact of unauthorized access, use and distribution of personal data can be devastating for an organization in terms of financial penalties, reputation damage and loss of customers’ and partners’ trust.  

If an organization is not prepared to comply with data privacy laws, such as GDPR, outsourcing the data privacy management responsibilities may be the most efficient solution. 

Covering all components of data protection, our Privacy Management service provides a flexible and holistic solution. 

isec’s Privacy Management services can help your organization to establish a privacy program that governs the way you collect and manage personal data in order to reduce the risks and ensure regulatory compliance. 

Leveraging a dedicated data privacy software and extensive hands-on experience, we provide support and guidance, including: 

  • Gap assessment and remediation actions (1st year); 
  • Annual compliance audit (from 2nd year); 
  • Data protection documentation (policies, procedures) design and/or review; 
  • Personal data mapping and data processing register maintenance; 
  • Guidance on managing DPIAs, LIAs and SARs; 
  • Support on managing third-party privacy risks; 
  • Data breach monitoring, management and reporting; 
  • Guidance and support for staff training and awareness delivery;  
  • Reporting on performance and improvements; 

We deliver the resources, skills and processes to efficiently manage privacy across all business areas.  

As part of our services, you will receive a complex set of deliverables which may include data flowspolicies, procedures, workflows or instructions, specific forms, action plans, registers, DPIA, LIA, SAR opinions, assessment reports and more. 

  • Cover your data privacy management responsibilities; 
  • Mitigate privacy-related risks; 
  • Avoid data breaches and associated damage and loss; 
  • Create a privacy-oriented culture within your organization;