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Service Overview

In this hyper-connected world, many organizations are required by security standards and sector specific regulations to properly train their employees regarding security matters.  

If we were to learn an important security lesson from 2020’s events, here’s what it would be: cyber-attackers take advantage of our fears and our need for information. This means that employees can become a critical vulnerability within your organization.  

So even if security training is not mandatory for compliance, raising the awareness and training employees and contractors on security matters is the most important organizational security control a company can implement.  

With our managed security awareness services your organization will get covered in terms of: 

  • Creation and deployment of online training and awareness programs; 
  • Measurement of employees’ level of awareness; 
  • Identification of high-risk staff groups and provision of dedicated and relevant training; 
  • Assessment on how the training influences staff’s behavior;  
  • Testing employees awareness using innovative social engineering techniques; 
  • Reporting to various stakeholders (all employees, middle management, top management). 

Training materials (presentations, video, posters, notes) 

Inductions and trainings (video or with tutor) 

Reports and insights into training and awareness testing results. 

  • Maintain compliance with security standards or sector specific regulations effortlessly. 
  • Ensure that high-risk staff receives dedicated security awareness training. 
  • Validate the effectiveness of training through social engineering or phishing tests.