: Maturity Assessments – isec

Service Overview

In strong information security management systems, maintenance and measurement of efficiency is a focal point for improvement.

Both managers and ISMS implementation teams are interested in progress results, as a proof of their efforts and investments.

A security-related maturity assessment of the existing management system or specific business area will help you understand better where you are now, allowing you to build a more effective security strategy for the future.

Maturity assessments results are most relevant before new investments or when a managing team is changing.

Our maturity assessment service is based on COBIT, ISACA’s relevant guidelines for COBIT usageĀ andĀ other applicable standards such as ISO 15408, ISO 15504, ISO 20000 and more.

1:1 interviews are conducted with stakeholders using personalized questionnaires. Evidences and information are gathered, analyzed and synthetized in order to obtain an objective measure and score on the maturity scale.

The deliverable for the maturity assessment exercise are questionnaires, meeting minutes, phase reports and the final report alongside a presentation for executives.

Results are presented in extensive form – the report is detailing assessed areas, methodology, evidences and findings. Also, an executive summary shall be presented to stakeholders to obtain real sense of the maturity of selected service.

  • Get a clear view of your organization’s current status of security maturity;
  • Identify directions for future developments;
  • Improve decision-making process in terms of security strategy and vision;