: Social Engineering – isec

Service Overview

As multiple studies and researches have shown, the human factor is the biggest risk for the information security within an IT environment.

Many organizations seek to constantly improve their technical security controls in order to prevent cyberattacks. Unfortunately, this is not enough and some organizations had to face the ugly truth: attackers target the users.

In their attempt to steal intellectual property, personal data and other sensitive information, attackers approach different social engineering tactics to trick your employees.

Your staff needs to be aware of the risks that lurk around, from phishing emails, physical intrusions, pretexting, staff impersonation and many other social engineering techniques that they may become victims of.

These types of attacks are on the rise and constantly in the news. Thus, creating awareness is more important than ever.

Our team will help your organization’s employees to enhance their capacity to recognize and avoid malicious schemes by conducting security training and awareness sessions.

Our objective is to raise awareness within your organization and to provide education related to security threats in order to avoid attacks caused by human-error.

We believe that the best way of preventing social engineering attacks is to experience one first hand. As part of our services, we can perform customized simulations of social engineering attacks to test your employees capacity to react according to your internal policies.
Social engineering test can be designed using a collaborative approach with the customer to ensure the tests’ suitability in organization’s specific business environment and the success of the simulation.

We deliver fully customized awareness training material and the results of social engineering simulations will be presented in a report which states the level of awareness of your users and vulnerabilities in your IT environment.

isec is ready to provide guidance and to recommend specific actions to address security concerns related to human-factor, helping you organization to increase its protection against internal or external threat actors.

  • Organizations and employees who can protect themselves in the event of an attack will significantly reduce the chances of becoming victim to an attack.
  • With isec‘s professional services your staff will learn the best practices and protection methods against social engineering attacks.