: CISO as a Service – isec

Service Overview


In order to deal with today’s security challenges, every organization needs a detailed and strategic security program. Developing and upholding such a program may be difficult for organizations that lack resources or expertise.  


In such situations, outsourcing the role of Chief of Information Security Officer may be a smart investment to improve organization’s overall security posture and ensure compliance requirements are being met. 

With isec’s CISO as a Service, you can build a CISO role that suits your business needs.  

Your organization can benefit from our services from 2 days a month to 5 days a week to achieve its security objectives. 

Our CISO as a Service specialists have extensive knowledge and experience across all security components. We will work together to understand your needs and objectives, taking into account industry-specific regulations. 

Generally, CISO as a Service shall cover: 

  • Information security leadership and governance; 
  • Steering Committee participation; 
  • Security compliance management; 
  • Security documentation development (policies, procedures, processes); 
  • Security training and awareness; 
  • Incident management; 
  • Management of information security budget; 
  • Security testing; 
  • Risk management; 
  • Identification and access control management; 
  • Business continuity management; 
  • Third-party risk management; 

Deliverables for this service may include, but are not limited to:

The CISO role will be covered by a contracted team of professionals, ready to execute the full range of duties involved, at full capacity, right from day one. 

As part of our services, you will receive a complex set of deliverables which may include policies, procedures, workflows or instructions, specific forms, strategies and plans, risk analysis, assessments reports, training and awareness material, and many more.  

  • Get instant access to broad information security knowledge; 
  • Improve security of systems, networks and applications; 
  • Ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations (GDPR, NIS and more);