: Third-Party Risk Management – isec

Service Overview

Organizations are exposing themselves to additional risks by outsourcing critical services or involving 3rd parties in their business processes 

Dealing with today’s complex regulatory environment and extensive supply chains can be overwhelming for any leader. Monitoring the compliance of suppliers, partners and other contractors is a time-consuming task and requires dedicated and efficient resources.   

As these 3rd parties can have a negative impact on their brand and reputation, organizations must ensure that all compliance gaps and security issues are managed effectively to avoid security breaches and financial penalties. 

We believe that third-party risk management is no longer a process that can be easily achieved in-house. 

isec‘s team of professionals is ready to take over your 3rd-party risk management process and to help you control all risks that can arise during the entire lifecycle of your relationships with different 3rd parties. 

Depending on your organization’s needs, you may require only a point in time assessment or a one-time report, or you may need a constant monitoring of your 3rd parties security exposure. 

As part of our managed services, we will leverage dedicated tools and use automation capabilities to: 

  • Identify your third-party ecosystem, as well as to onboard the new ones;
  • Classify your third-parties using a risk-based approach and generate risk profiles;
  • Assess your third-parties security posture;
  • Manage risks and propose remediation actions;
  • Provide third-party oversight and manage workflows;
  • Generate and present reports;
  • Provide continuous monitoring of 3rd parties. 

We deliver the resources, skills and processes to efficiently assess 3rd parties security posture and manage larger ecosystems within shorter timescales. 

Your organization will get intuitive reports, visualizations and insights regarding 3rd parties’ vulnerabilities, compliance gaps, mitigation recommendations and risk treatment progress 

  • Understand the risks and potential negative impact generated by your 3rd parties; 
  • Reduce the time and cost associated with existing manual processes and resources; 
  • Scale your TRMP assessment process; 
  • Get reports and insights on performance over time; 
  • Enhance your organization’s IT security posture.