: Vulnerability Assessments – isec

Service Overview

Hackers are constantly looking for new attack vectors to get inside corporate networks, steal, change or destroy sensitive data. To keep their business safe, organizations must always be one step ahead of potential attackers.

First step in protecting your business and preventing malicious attacks is to identify your weaknesses and vulnerabilities before anyone else does.

A comprehensive vulnerability assessment provides organizations with the necessary knowledge and awareness to understand threats and find appropriate measures to mitigate cyber risks.

Using both automated tools and manual techniques,  isec is prepared to identify the vulnerabilities within your organization’s systems, applications and networks.

The methodology used by our team of professionals has been developed in-house based on standards and guidelines issued by NIST, OSSTM, OWASP, OISSG and ISACA.

Generally, our assessment follows the next phases:

Planning phase – working with your organization to clearly define and document the assessment objectives, scope and rules governing the project;

Information gathering phase – collecting and analyzing key information about the system/network/application in scope;

Scanning phase – identifying existing vulnerabilities, using both manual and automated techniques;

Reporting phase – providing a comprehensive report with detailed analysis, conclusions and recommendations to mitigate the discovered vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Assessment Report – includes an executive summary (containing project’s scope and objectives and rules of engagement), detailed information on the vulnerabilities discovered, as well as recommendations for remediation (corrective/preventive measures).

  • Identify security issues before they can be exploited;
  • Improve productivity by preventing downtimes;
  • Protect the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive data;
  • By taking preventive actions, your organization can avoid financial losses, reputation damage, business disruptions and more.